Cup contenders face down a pivotal weekend in Germany

21 September 2023

Lenoxx Phommara in driving seat ahead of Sessler & Fellsen as the NTC roars into Hockenheim for season showdown

As the Northern Talent Cup hurtles towards its season climax alongside IDM at the illustrious Hockenheim, the stakes couldn’t be higher. With only a scant 20 points dividing the top three contenders and a pivotal 50 points left up for grabs, the cup’s destiny hangs in the balance. Lenoxx Phommara (Team Phommara), holding a 15-point advantage, finds himself in the driver’s seat, needing only two podium finishes to clinch the title. However, in the unpredictable world of racing, nothing can be taken for granted. Rocco Sessler (MCA Racing), his primary rival, is poised for a fierce fight and is determined to secure two home victories to overturn the odds. And let’s not underestimate Sessler’s teammate, the red-hot and in-form Julius Frellsen (MCA Racing), who, despite trailing by 20 points, still harbors a shot at cup glory.

All eyes will be trained on Lenoxx Phommara as the weekend unfolds. Assuming smooth sailing, the composed and stylish Swiss rider should enter the German circuit with an air of calm confidence, carrying those precious 15 points in his back pocket. Unlike his rivals, Sessler and Frellsen, who are under immense pressure to snatch two wins to stay in contention, Lenoxx Phommara can afford to play it safe.

There will also be plenty of fast faces looking to make the top 5. At the moment, it’s Martin Vincze (VM Racing Team) and Filip Novotny (DG Corse) in fourth and fifth respectively, but without anything drastic happening over the weekend those places look fairly secure, though Antoine Nativi (CTM 83 Junior Team) and Levin Phommara (Team Phommara) could realistically challenge for that fifth place in the cup standings.

With only 20 points separating the top three, the tantalizing question remains: Can Lenoxx Phommara seal the deal, or will MCA’s dynamic duo, Sessler and Frellsen, throw a spanner in the works? Tune in this weekend as the NTC returns to the track for one last exhilarating showdown in 2023!

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