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Please read all the information in this section covering the rules so that you fully understand the inscription process. More information will be provided to the teams in the Handbook that will be sent once the application has been accepted.



    • Go to the REGISTER PAGE.
    • Fill in your e-mail address and enter your password.
    • Immediately, you will be sent an e-mail so that you can verify your account.
    • Make sure you check your spam!

    • Once your account has been verified you will be able to LOG IN and provide your details through in the INSCRIPTION FORM.
    • Some of the information on the form must be filled in at the start, but there are some sections that can be filled in later on. Teams will be able to access this inscription form whenever need to change/add information.


  • Full year Entries

    • Maximum full year entries for 2020: 24 riders.
    • Deadlines for full year entries: 15th November - 31th December 2019.After the deadline, registered users will be able to access their inscription form, but no new full year entries will be admitted.
    • Confirmation of permanent riders: 15th January 2020.
  • Wild Card Entries

    • Maximum wild card entries per event for 2020: 2 riders.
    • Deadlines for Wild Card applications: Thursday two weeks before the race event.
    • Confirmation of wild Card entries: Thursday the week before the race event.


Age: Date of birth between January 1st, 2003 and December 31st, 2008. Do not apply if you are not in this age group. Passport will be checked.

Road Racing Experience: Please provide us with details of the races and championships your riders are competing in this season. We are not only interested in dedicated road racers, those who ride dirt bikes and/or motocross bikes may also be developing the riding skills that translate into success on tarmac.

Nationality: Riders from all nationalities can apply but we are looking for new talents from central and northern Europe.

Start Numbers: Please give three options for the start number, these will be then selected in order of arrival.

Number of riders per team: Teams will be able to add more than one rider to their form so that all the team’s riders are included in the same form.


A team should have a Team Manager who will be the main contact with the organization.

An individual rider can apply but must decide a Team Name and must have one mechanic and one helper.

The team has the responsibility to comply with all the requirements detailed in the Team Handbook.


  • Official Calendar: 1 preseason test + 7 rounds (will be published by the 2nd of December)
    • Test: 4th & 5th of April at Oschersleben
    • 2 Events with MotoGP™ (Sachsenring + Brno)
    • 1 Event with WorldSBK (Assen)
    • The rest will be:
      • Red Bull Ring, Oschersleben, Lausitzring & Hockenheim.
      • These will be with IDM, Speedweek or other championships.
  • Track activity for race events (30 min sessions):
    • MotoGP™ + WorldSBK Events: 2 FP + 1 QP + 2 Races
    • Other events: 2 FP + 2 QP + 2 Races
    • In some events it will be possible to have an additional 3 x 40 min Practices
  • Governing body: FIM Europe
    • Licenses: Continental license is not required
    • Riders can obtain a FIM International Racing Meeting License for the following prices (including the insurance*):
      • Full season: 90 EUR + 12 EUR
      • One Event: 50 EUR + 12 EUR
      *Subject to the country where the rider resides as some countries are not adhered to FIM Insurance Program
  • Race direction: 1 Dorna Representative + 1 ADAC Representative + Event Race Director
  • Technical Scrutineering: ADAC
  • Organizational staff:
    • 1 manager + 1 coordinator provided by Dorna
    • 1 rider coach provided by Dorna


  • Mandatory season entry fee per rider: 1,100 EUR + VAT
  • Mandatory Wild Card entry fee per rider: 180 EUR + VAT per event
  • Conditions:
    • Entry fees need to be made at the moment that the team inscription is made to be able to secure the spot.
    • If more applications than available spots are made, the Northern Talent Cup selection committee will choose the final team and riders using the following points and according to the expertise of the committee:
      • First applicants will have priority
      • Central and Northern European nationals
      • Riders with previous experience
    • If the application is rejected the entry fee will be returned
    • However, if the team decides to withdraw on their own account, the NTC will retain the entry fee.


  • A 4,000 EUR per rider deposit will be requested for the 24 permanent entries for 2020.
  • This deposit will be made once the team buys the bike and will be returned to the teams at the end if the rider/team participates in the whole championship.
  • However, if the team decides to withdraw on their own account, the NTC will retain this deposit.


  • GA Promotion will be in charge of the loan of the bikes to the Wild Cards
  • Bike rental: 1,250 EUR + VAT per event
  • Spares & crashes will need to be paid separately according to the Invoice of GA Promotion
  • Tyres, fuel, lubricant will be in the same conditions as full entry riders.


  • Dorna will cover the costs of all track activity during the 8 official events.
  • At each event each team/rider will receive the following items free of charge:
    • Designated space in the NTC tent with the following characteristics:
      • Space for a 2-rider team: 6,55 m x 350 m
      • Teams can personalize the panels at their own cost.
      • The cost of personalization will be paid to Dorna and the price will be subject to the amount of personalization required by the team
      • Table and chairs
      • Compressed air
      • Electricity
    • Riders will have a separate changing room where the rider briefings will be done.
    • 1 Grid trolley per rider containing tools, pit-board & generator (loaned)
    • 1 Motorex Kit per rider with lubricant and cleaning products.
    • Panta fuel (pre-determined quantities)
    • Dunlop Tyres
      • 4 sets of tyres per race event
      • 3 sets of tyres for the test
  • At the test each team/rider will receive the above items free of charge plus the following:
    • 3 X-lite helmets per rider to be used during the whole year. These helmets will be transported by Dorna in the NTC trucks (riders will not be able to take the helmets home)
    • 1 Motorex welcome kit per rider including apron, working pants, sponges & cloths.
    • Dunlop tyres will need to be paid for at the test.


    • Technical & Sporting regulations must be obeyed by every team/rider, if not sanctions will apply.
    • All bikes will have the same specs and the engines will be sealed
    • Riders must use the helmets provided by X-Lite, no other brand will be permitted.
    • Any decorations on the helmets must be approved by Dorna and X-Lite.
    • Once the 4 FOC helmets have been used, riders will be able to purchase new helmets from X-Lite at a discounted price.
    • Teams are welcome to look for their own sponsors and will have their space, however they cannot be in conflict with any of the NTC Partners:
      • ADAC
      • Panta
      • KTM
      • Motorex
      • Red Bull
      • X-Lite
      • Dunlop
      • Pramac
    • For any doubts please contact entry@northerntalentcup.com
  • DESIGNS will have to include the following logos:
    Motorcycle Leather Suit Tent Panels Stationary
    Road to MotoGP™


  • Entry fee (paid to Dorna) + racing license (paid to the federations)
  • Purchase of the motorbike + kit at the start of the season through GA Promotion.
    • It will be mandatory for the 24 riders to buy the motorcycle + kit
    • For a list of what is included in the KIT please contact entry@northerntalentcup.com
    • The price for bike + kit will be paid directly to GA Promotion:
      • Special price for accepted applications: 12.964,65 EUR + VAT
      • Retail price: 16.964,65 EUR + VAT
    • Bikes & kits will be delivered at the test to each of the team, the allocation will be made using a lottery system.
    • The extra fairing included in the KIT will be sent to the teams beforehand as they teams will need to come to the test with the fairing and leathers fully decorated as it is where the official pictures will be taken.
  • Purchase of crashed and spare parts from (available at the tracks through GA Promotion).
  • Transporting their bikes to each event
  • Travel costs for the rider + team
  • Rider technical equipment (first four helmets FOC)
  • Dunlop tyres for test:
    • Teams must purchase 3 extra tyre sets for the test (3 sets will be provided by Dorna).
    • All riders will follow the same scheme of changing the tyres at the test
    • If finally, less than 6 sets are used, the team will be able to keep the extra sets for their personal testing needs.


  • TEAM Passes
    • These passes will have access to:
      • Paddock at all NTC Events (including MotoGP™ & WorldSBK)
      • NTC Tent at all times
      • Service Road during NTC sessions
      • Pit-Lane during NTC sessions
      • NTC Grid for all NTC races
    • Each team will receive PERMANENT TEAM passes for mechanics + rider(s) + staff
    • Quantities will be pre-determined according to the number of riders per team.
  • GUEST Passes
    • These passes will have access to:
      • Paddock at all NTC Events (including MotoGP™ & WorldSBK)
      • NTC Tent at under invitation by NTC Organizational Staff
      • Grid badges can be added to these passes
    • Each team will receive ONE-EVENT GUEST passes for its guests and family.
    • Quantities will be pre-determined according to the number of riders per team and will depend on which is the coinciding event.


I agree with the regulations regarding the staging of the Northern Talent Cup and accept that Dorna Sports S.L. (Dorna) reserves its right to change such regulations at any time. I have been informed by Dorna and so accept and consent that the processing of certain personal data concerning the Applicant provided under this document and further in the Team Agreement (if Applicant is selected) is needed for the purpose of application, registration and management of the Cup, and such data, if necessary, will be collected, used, treated and stored according, subject and in compliance with Spanish law, ant the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and Council, dated as of 27 April 2016. I consent that all such information is in order to facilitate communication in connection with the Northern Talent Cup or any other purposes Dorna may desire to use such data for, including but not limited to commercial, advertising and/or publicity purposes. I further agree to receive information, including information of a commercial nature, from the companies involved in the Northern Talent Cup and its affiliates. Each of such processing is understood as lawful by the Applicant because It is necessary for the performance of the Northern Talent Cup. I have been informed that I hold the right to access the above information, correct it, restrict Is processing and/or request the erasure of the information contained herein, which may be exercised by contacting Dorna through letter addressed to: Príncipe de Vergara 183, Madrid 28002, SPAIN. Full Dorna's Data Protection Policy is available on the Terms of Use of http://www.dorna.com/. You can lodge a complaint In front of the Spanish Data Protection Authority.