Northern Talent Cup to race with Honda from 2024

18 August 2023

The NTC grid will switch to race with the Honda NSF 250 R from next season

The Northern Talent Cup will be powered by Honda from 2024! In order to bring the competition in line with the European Talent Cup in the Finetwork FIM JuniorGP™ paddock, the Honda NSF 250 R will become the single machine for the NTC grid starting next season.  

The Northern Talent Cup is aimed at riders from northern and central European countries and is designed to create close competition in a cost-effective manner. That includes the calendar, which ensures riders from the region don’t need to travel to another part of the continent to further their careers on the Road to MotoGP™. 

Switching to Honda machinery from 2024 will bring the equipment raced in the NTC in line with the European Talent Cup, creating a more comparable stepping stone and ensuring riders are similarly prepared for the next step in their careers whether they race in the ETC or NTC.

From 2024, RK Chain will also join the NTC project, binging their quality products and expertise to the Road to MotoGP™. For more information on the products and opportunities for 2024 competitors, click here!

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