Van Crugten back on form as Most fastest

22 June 2024

Fiery Dutchman takes win and Cup lead as Irmscher crashes out

Jurrien Van Crugten (BB64 Academy) took his second victory of the season on Saturday in Race 1 at the Autodrom Most to propel himself to the top of the Cup standings, finishing an enthralling race ahead of back-to-his-best Tobias Kitzbichler (Racing Team Kitzbichler), and Belgian Ferre Fleerackers (Junior Black Knights).

Matteo Masili (SaMarigosa MM Racing Team) led proceedings from pole position and in fair conditions, the summer sun showering the track in its warm glow, but it was German racing machine Richard Irmscher (Racingteam Irmscher), fastest in all practice sessions, who quickly took over at the front of the race to set about building a gap to those behind.

Van Crugten had other ideas, though, and having detached himself from the chasing pack of Masili, Fleerackers, and Kitzbichler, who were scrapping for position, slowing themselves down in the process, he set his sights on Irmscher up ahead. By lap 7 the rider in orange was within striking distance of the race leader and it was precisely at this point that Irmscher tucked the front and slid into the gravel, his hopes of victory going with him. Van Crugten took the race lead and never looked like he might relinquish it during the remaining seven laps as he built a comfortable gap out front.

Behind him, a battle raged between Masili, Fleerackers, and Kitzbichler. It was a scrappy affair – at one point Kitchbichler found himself the sweet meat in a Masili and Fleeracker contact sandwich. But, undaunted, the Austrian kept pushing, finally getting free of the Belgian and Italian after an unsuccessful overtake attempt from Masili on Fleerackers left the pair at a disadvantage; hand gestures and headshakes adding some spice to the spectacle.

Van Crugten’s delight was palpable as he crossed the line. Surrounded by so much talent, the Dutchman needed those 25 points to make his dream come true. Equally content were Racing Team Kitzbichler who have struggled for speed and form since the young Austrian’s epic victory in Race 2 in Assen at the start of the season. Fleerackers raced smart to claim the third place on the podium and thoroughly deserved it. Rounding out the top 6 were Masili in fourth ahead of Antoine Nativi (Racing Nativi Team) and Thias Wenzel (Kiefer Racing) in sixth.

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