Varga snatches first win by just 0.013 in Race 1

03 September 2022

A classic duel to the line sees the Hungarian take to the top step for the first time

Tibor Varga (Forty Racing) is now a Northern Talent Cup race winner! The Hungarian came out on top in an incredible race to the flag to take victory by just 0.013, with Dustin Schneider (Goblin Racing) forced to settle for second after a duel round the final corner. Valentino Herrlich (Busch und Wagner Racing Team) completed the podium, just winning his own drag to the line against Martin Vincze (Chrobak Motorsport Egyesület).

As the lights went out it was Matteo Masili (FAIRIUM Next Generation Riders Team) who took the holeshot, with Jurrien van Crugten (BB64 Academy), Schneider and Varga slotting in, but the number 44 was quick to strike for the lead. Initially it was a group of eight, but by Lap 4 five riders had broken away slightly.

That didn’t last too long, with another freight train forming at the front. Meanwhile there was another race within the race as Loris Veneman (TeamNL OpenLine), van Crugten and Lennoxx Phommara (Team Phommara) all had double Long Lap penalties to take, with all pushing to try and move through. Veneman and van Crugten got right back in the fight at the front, able to get back into the group before the final laps.

In the end it all came down to the final couple of corners, in classic Red Bull Ring style. Race leader Varga came under attack as Schneider sliced through on the inside and Herrlich even thought about the outside, but that didn’t work for number 10. He lost out slightly as the race came down to Schneider vs Varga on the drag to the line, with the number 44 tucked in tightly. And it proved just enough as he took his first NTC win by just 0.013 ahead of Schneider.

Herrlich held onto third ahead of Vincze, with Veneman and van Crugten slicing back to take fifth and sixth, respectively. Masili took P7 ahead of Julius Coenen (Helena and Julius Racing), with Kilian Holzer (HK Racing) and Maxime Schmid (Team Schmid) completing the top ten.

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